Ex Novo Ensemble

Ex Novo Ensemble

...and thanks to the quality of the playing: so free, dissolved in the music and in Maderna's vivid conception he most certainly would have approved. A rare CD to be treasured.

Goffredo Petrassi, composer

... so well done by Ex Novo under Ambrosini's direction. This music needs to be played with such love and care. Bravo!

Mauricio Kagel, composer

...in such a modern, virtuoso and above all lucid performance, recorded by Ex Novo ...this music is made of absolute purity in the sense of beauty where no spot is allowed. This is exactly what we hear here: the intimate poetry of sound.

Sylvano Bussotti, composer

...very important for the history of contemporary music: not just another performance of wellknown music, but a real contribution to keeping our ears open

Henk Heuvelmans,Gaudeamus Foundation